The Simmons’ team brings customers decades of experience within the community. Our team member’s backgrounds span retail, sustainable agriculture, customer service and the culinary arts. Our caring, dedicated staff is here to bring you the best in class shopping and  snacking experience you deserve!



Why We Do What We Do!

Here we are! We completed our first year and we are still blooming! We’ve taken an old place, revitalized it and invited those near and far to visit with us. Simmons Cafe and Market is all I wanted it to be and more. A jazzy place with a cool vibe for keeping the old element of a corner store while adding local products, wholesome market items and farm-to-table foods.

It’s the old F.A. Simmons of 1900 with a flare for the 21st century! It’s so great to wake up every morning knowing that our little marketplace is bursting at the seams with personality and pleasure. Walking in the front door gives you a sense of old and new, history and happening, clean and nourishing.

My idea of opening this place for the community to gather has worked! All ages have come back to Simmons and really supported us. Some are here everyday, some 2-3 times a day and that is exactly what I dreamed of. It is a worth-the-trip destination- general store, farmer’s market and a cafe serving fresh, local and delicious food!

As the new owner I couldn’t be happier! Our team is dedicated, just an amazing group of hard workers from the area. Our customers are neighbors who are wonderful and very supportive and our resources are local farmers, artists, crafters, and small business people who need a great place to showcase their hard work and talent.

Please stop by Simmons Cafe and Marketplace soon….We’d love to greet you and meet you!

– Jennifer Grantham