Our focus is to bring you items that are better for you and better for the environment. We carry nearly 1,000 products that we’ve selected with care for our customers.  Our products cover every typical market aisle:

  • Locally sourced and/or organic produce, meats and dairy (we scour 25-50 local farms each week to find the items you are looking for and need!)
  • Locally made items like jams and jellies, granola, coffee syrup, salsa, soda, pasta sauce honey, syrups, and cookies
  • Daily delivery of fresh, local breads made with wholesome ingredients
  • Kitchen/baking, household care, pantry, pets and more – many of these staples are GMO free and eco-friendly
  • Penny Candy! The #1 requested item from the old days from the F.A. Simmons corner store, even though not a penny anymore!
  • Convenience items including newspapers, over the counter medicines, lottery, seasonal items, ice, campfire wood, etc.