All Under One Roof!!


You won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes. The old building you might remember on the corner in Adamsville  known in the 1900’s as F.A. Simmons is alive and well, again! This time with a new friendly look and sunshine yellow paint. (picture of the store)

The young couple and founders of the new Simmons Cafe and Marketplace Jennifer and Rupert Grantham  are actively making great strides in bringing you  a fun, bright, clean community hub that offers a lot of what’s good for you! (picture of them)

Good  for you in many ways….from the small batch kitchen cuisine where homemade foods are desserts are prepared daily. Most of Simmons signature items are created with less processed food. The cafe offers delicious sandwiches stacked high with all natural meats, cheeses and many organic veggies.


And….if that isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, stop by for out-of-this-world local ice cream concoctions, Simmons smoothies and “I’ve got to have that” desserts. Also, inside this gem of a hip and happening marketplace is a small market with just about every pantry staple and household item including local dairy, eggs, meats and vegetables. Last, but not least leave enough time to stroll around among  hand crafted thoughtful gift items for just about anyone, any age.



SIMMONS in Adamsville! Your favorite cafe, marketplace and indoor farmers market here on the southcoast (RI/MA line.) We are worth the trip from anywhere!!! Back in it’s day, so “they say”  Adamsville RI was known by the families that grew up here as the Valley  of Sin (look it up, its in the local history books!) but now it’s known as a safe, small, spirited summer village. Our little corner of the world is a destination that beams you up with it’s quaintness, tranquility and  comfort. (small close up map of the village area)

Simmons- a breath of fresh air! (someone breathing)

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